A Gift of Food

Upohar’s new food truck is making the rounds! It functions as a mobile retail outlet for our restaurant, as well as a catering vehicle for Global Flavors Catering branch. See our schedule >

Meanwhile, our new restaurant location is still under construction. Subscribe to our mailing list below to receive news and updates about the restaurant.


A Gift of Time

Global Flavors Catering is the newly-expanded catering branch of Upohar.

Our wide range of catering services are available for both business and private events, large and small. Our distinctive global fare provides an enticing lens into our team members’ rich cultures of origin. From business lunch packages to custom-designed dinners, we work with you to create the perfect menu to meet your needs. Taste the flavors of the world without leaving Lancaster!


A Gift of Opportunity

Upohar, which means gift in Bengali, is a “social impact” business that offers a gift of employment opportunity to people facing barriers to workforce entry in Lancaster, Pa.

We hire, train and pay living wages to newly-arrived refugee women in our community, and put them on a path to economic self-sufficiency.

Read our story in the news.

“The smell of the food was intoxicating. If it were possible, the taste even more so. I noticed my husband and I stopped talking because we couldn’t stop eating. Then I noticed how quiet all the other diners were because they too were captivated by every bite. It was like a scene from the movie Chocolate where every person was in love with every bite. This place is Lancaster’s hidden gem!”— Susan Kiskis