About Upohar

Upohar, meaning “gift” in Bengali, is a multi-channel social impact food business in Lancaster, Pa. serving global fare. Our channels include restaurant, full-service catering, stand at Lancaster Central market, and a food truck.

We employ, train, and pay living wages to people experiencing significant barriers to workforce entry (such as local women experiencing homelessness, or newly resettled refugees), and put them on a path to economic self-sufficiency.

Our distinctive global fare provides an enticing lens into our team members’ rich cultures of origin. We specialize in vegan, vegetarian and naturally gluten-free food. Taste the flavors of the world without leaving Lancaster!

Global Flavors Catering

Our catering branch offers wide range of services for both business and private events, large and small. Our distinctive global fare provides an enticing lens into our team members’ rich cultures of origin. From business lunch packages to custom-designed dinners, we work with you to create the perfect menu to meet your needs.

Christina’s Criollo

“Comida criolla” is Puerto Rican food that combines Spanish cooking techniques and local ingredients. Our stand at Lancaster Central Market is called Christina’s Criollo, because here you can sample chef/owner Christina Maldonado’s family recipes from Puerto Rico.

Food Truck

Our food truck functions as a mobile retail outlet, and participates in outdoor festivals and farmers markets throughout the region. It can also be reserved for private food truck parties!

Vegetarian Restaurant

The restaurant is temporarily closed, as we are in the process of relocating to a new downtown location. At our restaurant, we offer vegan, vegetarian, and naturally gluten-free food from all over the world.

The Story of Upohar: A Documentary

Learn about the inspiration behind Upohar.

Meet Sri

SrirupaDasgupta-2012Srirupa Dasgupta, founder/owner of Upohar and certified Integral Coach®, brings to her business and her coaching practice a deep understanding of the leader’s role in building successful organizations. Read more.