About Upohar

Upohar, meaning “gift” in Bengali, was established in 2011 as a social impact catering business in Lancaster, Pa., with a mission to offer the gift of distinctive global cuisine to customers, and the gift of employment opportunity to newly arrived refugees in the city.

Today, Upohar LLC is a certified B Corporation, where customers can affordably dine on global cuisine, celebrate the culture of our staff, and contribute to the lives of people who might otherwise fall through the cracks of our system.

We employ, train, and pay living wages to people experiencing significant barriers to workforce entry (such as newly resettled refugees or people experiencing homelessness), and put them on a path to economic self-sufficiency. We partner with local agencies to provide human services to our employees, to help them be stable and secure in their personal lives.

Our business units are:

We strive to be a triple bottom line business that considers the impact on people, planet, and profit when making business decisions.

The management team includes Srirupa Dasgupta, founder/owner; and Christina Maldonado, chef/owner.

Srirupa Dasgupta, founder/owner of Upohar and certified Integral Coach®, brings to her business and her coaching practice a deep understanding of the leader’s role in building successful organizations. Read more.

Christina Maldonado has an associates degree in Culinary Arts & Restaurant Management from the Pennsylvania School of Culinary Arts, Lancaster, PA. She is passionate about providing memorable experiences at all our locations: restaurant, market stand, and catered events. Christina is proud to offer delicious Puerto Rican food (family recipes that reminds one of “abuelita’s cooking”) in our menus.

The Story of Upohar