From Sri’s Blog

About the Restaurant

Almost every week, we receive a call about our restaurant hours.

Well, the restaurant doesn’t have any hours currently because it’s closed — for now. Which means that I’m planning to re-open.

After working for almost a year trying to relocate into the city, talks fell through. So in March 2016, instead of renewing the lease for another year,  I decided to close the restaurant at  the Roseville Road location. This was a difficult decision. But it turned out to be the right thing to do.

Closing provided the time and opportunity for reflection and analysis. We asked you — our customers, supporters and friends — for your opinion. You were very honest and generous with your feedback.

Based on our business experience to date, and your input, it clarified our next steps. These include:

This last bit about relocating the restaurant has been slow moving. But it is progressing. With the other two pieces in place now, we’ll be able to focus on the relocation in 2017.

We have a location picked out, and I have been in conversation about it for several months. Our next meeting is coming up in January. Meanwhile, I have also been exploring financing options for this venture, and everything — from traditional bank loans to social impact grants to equity investors — is under consideration. So if you have leads for me to explore, please contact me!

It seems that 2017 will be every bit as eventful as the past 5 years, and I promise to keep you updated as things unfold. Stay tuned.