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Lunch (served 11:30am-2:30pm, Monday – Saturday)

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World Buffet
Eight hot dishes and two cold salads from different parts of the world. Food labels on the buffet provides a description of each dish. Vegan and gluten-free. Take-out from buffet available.
$11.50 ($5.50 for children under 10)

Sub-Saharan African Ensemble
Central African Peanut Stew, with Congolese Kale, served on Nigerian Fried Rice;  vegan and gluten-free, contains peanuts

North African Ensemble
Moroccan Vegetable Tagine (stew), served on Couscous (North African pasta with chickpeas, onion and thyme); vegan, contains gluten

Appetizers & Light Fare (available at Lunch and Dinner)

Soup of the Day
vegan and gluten-free

Iraqi-style baked turnovers filled with lightly-spiced mixed vegetables; vegan, contains gluten

Nigerian black-eyed pea fritters, served with hot sauce; vegan and gluten-free

Twice-fried green plantains (vegan and gluten-free) served with Mayu-Ketchu dip (contains egg).

Sorullitos with Mayu Ketchu
Puerto Rican corn fritters (vegan, contains gluten), with Mayu-Ketchu dip (contains egg).

Fried sweet plantains. Vegan and gluten-free

Mushroom Pate with Crostini
Roasted mushrooms, lentils, walnuts, herbs and spices. Vegan, contains gluten and nuts

Hummus Platter
Iraqi-style chickpea dip with sesame butter, garlic and lemon juice, served with seasoned flatbread wedges, and crudités; vegan, flatbread contains gluten

DINNER (served 5pm-8pm, Monday – Saturday. BYOB)

All ensemble meals include a salad.

Sub-Saharan African Ensemble
Central African Peanut Stew (with eggplant, yams, bell peppers and tomatoes), with Congolese Kale, served on Nigerian Fried Rice (cooked with mixed vegetables, coconut milk and spices);  vegan and gluten-free, contains peanuts

Nepali Ensemble
Cabbage Tarkari (shredded cabbage sauteed with potatoes, tomatoes, onion and aromatic spices), and Masoori Dal (lentil stew with onions and bada masala), served with Cumin Rice (basmati rice flavored with cumin seeds); vegan and gluten-free

North African Ensemble
Moroccan Vegetable Tagine (mixed vegetable stew with tomatoes, potatoes, green beans, bell peppers, artichoke hearts and black olives), served on Couscous (North African pasta with chickpeas, thyme and onion); vegan, contains gluten

Latin Ensemble
Cuban Black Beans, Pico de Gallo, Avocado, Maduros (fried sweet plantains) served with White Rice; vegan and gluten-free

Bengali Ensemble
Chholar Dal (split Bengal gram cooked with coconut, ginger and cumin seeds), Shaak Bhaja (kale sautéed with eggplant and Bengali five spices) and Pea Pulao (basmati rice and green peas cooked with aromatic spices). Served with Shaada Tarkari (cauliflower stirfried with nigella and green chilies) in place of salad. Vegan and gluten-free

South Indian Ensemble
Rasam (spicy pigeon pea stew), Green Bean Poriyal (green beans sautéed with coconut and aromatic spices), Cucumber-Mung Bean salad, Yogurt, Papad (lentil waters), and hot Mango Pickle. Served with White Rice.
Gluten-free; vegan without yogurt.

Global Feast
Choose eight dishes to create your own personal buffet! We suggest three stews. three sautées, one grain, and one salad/side from the regional ensembles described above.

Tonight’s Special
On a regular basis, we select a special menu from a particular country or region, to highlight seasonal produce or a special holiday or a distinct flavor profile. Please ask your server for more information

All ensembles (excluding Global Feast) are available for $8 for children under 10.


Pumpkin Coconut Pudding
East African inspired pumpkin cooked with coconut milk, cardamom, cinnamon, and brown sugar); vegan and gluten-free

Tranches d’Orange au Sirop
Candied orange slices with tapioca pudding flavored with cinnamon and orange blossom water; vegan and gluten-free, contains soy

Kolar Bora
Bengali-style fennel-flavored banana fritters in syrup;vegan, contains gluten

Chocolate Mousse
Made with organic chocolate and topped with fresh raspberries; vegan and gluten-free

Puerto Rican custard dessert with a layer of soft caramel on top; contains egg and dairy

Strawberry Cheesecake
Rich, creamy and lightly sweetened. Vegan and gluten-free, contains nuts


Sharab al-Leymoun
Iraqi-style lemonade flavored with orange blossom water and mint

Masala Chai
Black tea brewed with ginger and spices,with organic soy milk (vegan),-OR- organic whole milk (dairy)

Coffee or Tea


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