Survey Results

I really do love working with you, our customers and supporters! More than 100 of you responded to the survey we ran during March. Thank you so much.

After we announced that we’d be closing the restaurant, we ran this survey to gather your feedback and use it to design Upohar v3.0. The survey closed at the end of March, and I have been studying these survey results for the past couple of weeks. You have provided a wealth of information for us to work with. Here are some highlights.

What did you have to say about our food and service?

food-satisfactionMost of you indicated you were very satisfied with the food and the service. That was good to know!

Of course, there is room to improve — there are many comments with specific ideas to review and process.

service-satisfactionBut one thing is clear: even though you have your favorite dishes, there seems to be a preference for variety!

I was also curious about why you patronized Upohar. Was it because we served vegetarian food, or was it that it was fresh and healthful? Was it our social mission, or was it the global cuisine?

reasons-for-patronizing-upoharBecause the survey made you choose one answer, it was almost a three-way tie — many of you also wrote “all of the above” in the comments section.

In the end, social mission won, closely followed by vegetarian food.

What could we do differently or better?

City location and extended hours emerged as the two most important things to do differently in the next iteration.

While I knew that our location wasn’t the best, it was really through reading the survey comments that I realized how our hours compounded this location problem. If we had been open longer on weekdays, or open all day on weekends, many of you said it would have been easier for many of you to visit. (In case you’re curious, our hours were engineered around the bus schedule, because most of our employees rely on public transportation.)

Finally, I discovered that many of you were traveling from other towns to visit Upohar. If Upohar were located in your town, you said you’d visit more often. (Although I know at least one person who visited from Hershey every week!) This would be an interesting challenge to solve — OK, I will put it on my list to ponder.

Over the next few weeks, I have conversations scheduled with a few different people to explore each of these discoveries and conclusions.

I will post updates to this blog as things unfold. (And things always unfold… )

In the meantime, if you haven’t already done so, browse through the previous posts to find out about our journey so far.

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