Vegan Catering Services

We offer a wide range of services for both business and private events, large and small. Our distinctive global fare provides an enticing lens into our team members’ rich cultures of origin. We specialize in vegan and naturally gluten-free food. We use local and organic ingredients whenever possible.

From business lunch packages to custom-designed dinners, we work with you to create the perfect menu to meet your needs. Browse some options below. Additional options available.

Entrées and Ensembles

Sub-Saharan African Ensemble
Central African Peanut Stew (eggplant and bell peppers in a rich peanut sauce) and Congolese Kale (kale sautéed with tomatoes and onion) served with Nigerian Fried Rice (basmati rice cooked with mixed vegetables, coconut milk and curry powder)

Nepali Ensemble
Tarkari (fresh seasonal vegetable cooked Nepali-style with potatoes, tomatoes cooked with aromatic spices) and Masoori Dal (lentil stew with onions and aromatic spices) served on Cumin Rice. (Seasonal vegetables may be eggplant, yardlong beans, cabbage or cauliflower)

Moroccan Ensemble
Vegetable Tagine (mixed vegetable stew with artichokes and black olives) served on Couscous cooked onion and thyme (contains gluten)

Bengali Ensemble
Chholar Dal (split Bengal gram cooked with coconut, ginger and cumin seeds) and Shaak Bhaja (kale sautéed with eggplant and Bengali five spices) served with Pea Pulao (basmati rice cooked with green peas and aromatic spices)

Puerto Rican Ensemble
Habichuelas Guisadas (stewed pinto beans with olives and potatoes in a savory sofrito broth), served on white rice or yellow rice, with Maduros (fried sweet plantains)

Indonesian Ensemble
Butternut Squash and Kale (simmered in coconut milk with ginger, lime and spices), and Golden-fried Tempeh (seasoned with garlic, vinegar and spices), served with plain rice

North African Ensemble
Kamfounata (Moroccan ratatouille with eggplant, zucchini, bell peppers, tomatoes and cilantro) served on Couscous with onion and thyme (contains gluten)

Salads and Sides

African cucumber and peanut salad

Nepali Cabbage Salad
shredded cabbage with sliced tomatoes, red onions, cilantro and toasted ground spices

Nepali Cucumber Aachar
spicy cucumber salad with tomatoes, red onion, cilantro and spices

Alu Aachar
Nepali potato salad with toasted sesame seeds, red onion and cilantro

African Cucumber Salad
chopped cucumber with peanuts, ginger and green chilies

Egyptian-style black-eyed pea salad with parsley and spices

Asparagus Salad
fresh asparagus and green peas with a light mixed herb dressing

Middle Eastern Bulgur Wheat salad with Cucumbers, Parsley and Tomatoes in a Lemon-Mint Dressing (contains gluten)

Asparagus and Pea salad

Syrian mixed vegetable salad with toasted pita chips (contains gluten)

Italian-style Tomato salad with Fresh Basil, Red Onions, Capers and Olive Oil on a Bed of Greens, served with Crostini (contains gluten)

Oven-roasted Yams

with olive oil and onions

Fried Sweet Plantains

Puerto Rican-style Twice Fried Green Plantains served with Garlic Tomato Ailoi

Surullitos de Maiz
Corn Fritters served with Garlic Tomato Ailoi

Snacks and Appetizers


Iraqi-style baked turnovers filled with lightly-spiced mixed vegetables

Nigerian black-eyed pea fritters, served with hot sauce

Syrian-style chickpea fritters, served with tahini sauce and pickles

Crudités Display with Hummus

Baba Ganoush
Iraqi-style charred eggplant dip, complemented with garlic, tahini and lemon juice, served with za’atar-topped flatbread

Spanish-style Tapenade
served with Plantain Chips

Bengali-style chickpea batter-fried eggplant flavored with nigella


Kolar Bora
Bengali-style fennel-flavored banana fritters in syrup (contains gluten)

Pumpkin Coconut Pudding
East African pumpkin pudding made with coconut milk and spices

Tranches d’Orange au Sirop
North African-style candied orange slices served with tapioca pudding flavored with cinnamon and orange blossom water

Minted Fruit Salad
Strawberries, pineapple, grapes, mangoes and kiwi, with fresh chopped mint

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