Our Food Truck

Our food truck participates in large events as a food vendor, and can also be reserved for private parties.

To find upcoming food truck (and other) events, see our Events Calendar!

Food Truck Menu

The standard food truck menu (listed below) includes popular menu items from our restaurant and our market stand. However, based on the event, we may vary our menu to suit the tastes of event attendees.

Turnovers: $4 each

Iraqi Sanbusa — Baked turnovers filled with lightly-spiced mixed vegetables (vegan, contains gluten)

Puerto Rican Empanada — fried turnovers filled with savory ground beef and cheese (contains dairy and gluten)

Ensemble Meals: $8 each

Puerto Rican: Pernil y Arroz con Gandules (Roast pork & Yellow Rice with Pigeon Peas); gluten-free

Sub-Saharan: African peanut stew & Congolese Kale served on Nigerian fried rice; vegan, gluten-free

Nepali: Cabbage Tarkari & Masoori Dal (lentil stew) served on Cumin Rice; vegan, gluten-free

Specialty Drinks: $3

Masala Chai: black tea brewed with milk, sugar, ginger and spices (contains dairy, gluten-free)

Sharab al-Leymoun: Iraqi lemonade flavored with orange blossom water and mint (vegan and gluten-free)


Reserving our Food Truck — two options:

1. Caterer

If you want the food truck to serve food at a private event, we can come as a caterer. For private events our existing permits should be adequate. The cost to rent the food truck and staff for 3 hours (including round trip travel time) is $300. This is in addition to the food you pre-order, which we will serve to your guests from the truck. Our standard menu and pricing is listed above. Our service area is 30-minute driving radius from our facility.

2. Food vendor

If you want the food truck to attend your event as a food vendor where individuals will be buying food from the truck, it is considered a public event. So we will have to find out if we need any additional permits for your event location. Since we expect to generate our revenue directly from customers, we prefer to vend at events that have at least 100 customers per food vendor.

To reserve the food truck, please contact us!