Food Truck Schedule and Route

Upohar’s food truck functions as a mobile retail outlet for our restaurant (especially while we’re in the middle of relocating), as well as a catering vehicle for Global Flavors Catering branch.

Events and Locations

  • Regular food truck outings occur when the weather is warm. Check the calendar below for events and locations.
  • The calendar below includes other non-truck events also!
  • To schedule the food truck for a private party, please submit a request online

Food Truck Menu (standard selection below; variations may be offered at different events and locations)

Turnovers: $4 each

Iraqi Sanbusa — Baked turnovers filled with lightly-spiced mixed vegetables (vegan, contains gluten)

Puerto Rican Empanada — fried turnovers filled with savory ground beef and cheese (contains dairy and gluten)

Ensemble Meals: $8 each

Puerto Rican: Pernil y Arroz con Gandules (roast pork served on Yellow Rice with Pigeon Peas)

Nepali: Cabbage Tarkari (cabbage and potatoes sauteed with tomatoes, onions and spices) and Masoori Dal (lentil stew with onions and aromatic spices) served on Cumin Rice (vegan and gluten-free)

Specialty Drinks: $3

Masala Chai: black tea brewed with milk, sugar, ginger and spices (contains dairy, gluten-free)

Sharab al-Leymoun: Iraqi lemonade flavored with orange blossom water and mint (vegan and gluten-free)